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Clients Reviews

Andrew Funke from Job Fit has proved to be tremendous help to Alsco Mulgrave assisting us to prevent injuries and help those that do get injured return to work quickly. We use Job Fit to:

  • Develop task related stretching programs;
  • Develop task related stretching programs for each section within production so that staff warm up the required muscles prior to commencing work;
  • Train staff on how to perform the stretching exercises;
  • Conduct in depth task analysis report that can be used by doctors when creating a return to work plan;
  • Conduct manual handling risk assessments for all tasks including providing solutions to remove potential risks; and,
  • Conduct hearing assessment within the production department.

It is through our partnership with Job Fit that we have been able to reduce our lost time injuries and reduce our work cover premiums. I highly recommend the services that they provide.

Mark Johnston - Alsco: Production Manager

In 2013 Premium Showers and Robes engaged Job Fit to compile a complete range of Job Descriptions across all of its operation. This included all the functions in the manufacturing facility and on site. The result for us was user friendly and detailed descriptions that encompassed the physical requirements for each job as well as detailing the various tasks with the aid of pictures. I can recommend Job Fit to anyone who is looking for comprehensive descriptions that have a multitude of uses. In addition we found the process relatively easy and Job Fit very helpful in accommodating to our needs.

Brian Youngs - Premium Showers and Robes: Operations Manager

At Hella, in our OH&S area, we have used the services of Andrew Funke from Job Fit to conduct the ‘Stretch Into Action’ program both in our production areas as well as our clerical areas. The strategies learnt in this program can assist employees in production areas to reduce overuse type injuries. Similarly our clerical areas can use these strategies and simple exercises to alleviate problems from sitting at their workstation for long periods of time. We have also used the services of Job Fit in order to create “an album” of workplace assessments in our production areas. These are used to improve our work areas where this may be required. The workplace assessments are more commonly used in “return to work” plans where the treating doctor can see through a series of photographs, corresponding physical requirements or each task and the current controls used to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. I am happy to recommend Andrew Funke and the services extended through Job Fit as a way to enhance the management of OH&S in any workplace.

Rita Housiaux - Hella: OH&S Manager

Kennards Hire are proud to state their association with “Job Fit” and its managing director, Andrew Funke. The work conducted by Job Fit has delivered very quickly and without fuss, detailed job assessments and reports. We are now using these to great effect in processes such as our pre-employment medical examinations, our on-the-job training as well as in return to work plans for injured workers. With these reports I am now in a position to talk to treating practitioners about what an injured worker “can do” rather then simply what they can’t. The manager at Job Fit, Andrew Funke, was very quickly accepted and trusted by my staff which made the process much simpler for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Job Fit services to any business where manual handling is an issue or risk. It has worked for us. Money well spent.

Neil Masterson - Kennards Hire: Victorian Manager

Wagner Spraytech Australia is pleased to be associated with Andrew Funke of “Job Fit”. Being a company conscious of the health and safety of our staff we enlisted the services of Job Fit who provided a “Stretch into Action” program suitable for both our warehouse staff, office staff and reps in the field, a program designed to reduce the likelihood of injuries. This program has been embraced by our staff. Our warehouse staff use this program to physically prepare for the demanding duties required of them in the course of a normal day. Our “out in the field” reps find the program particularly effective in using simple stretching exercises to reduce the effects of extended periods of time in their motor vehicles and also how to prepare for correct lifting of equipment in and out of their vehicles. Our office staff were given a stretching program and suggestions on how to avoid overuse injuries. Many of these simple exercises can be done in a sitting position as well as a standing position and are not intrusive. Andrew was very well received by our staff. I am happy to refer Andrew and “Job Fit” to any company as a way of complementing the management of an effective OH&S program in the workplace.

Roslyn MacInnes - Wagner Spraytech: OH&S Officer