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Aged care

Sharpen your team to help in caring for communities.


Reduce mistakes and mishaps with industry-grade managerial skills.


Prepare your workforce to deal with calamities and reduce damage.

Cleaning services

Adopt soft skills as best services come from those who communicate best.

Clerical/ Office Administration

Adopt soft skills as best services come from those who communicate best.

Call centres

A good office is that which cares for their people. Learn best safety strategies. 

Food and Beverage Processing

Keep the work environment spotless and mishap-free.


Dedicated daily exercises could help health-workers lead a stress-free life.

Local government councils

Aren’t you tired of lost files and all the manual labour? Update technological skills.

24/7/365 Support
Our customer service team are ready to help at all times.
Affordable Rates

Our rates are inclusive of expert trainers, precise program guides, and tech support. 

Reliable and Proven

Our client base are a few of the most reputed companies in Australia.


Our programmes are executed by leaders who care for your company’s growth. 

High-quality Training

Teams trained by us show leadership capabilities towards future employees.

Experts and Staff

Trainings are conducted by experts in varying fields for dedicated results.

What We Do

We offer one-on-one assessments via video with our qualified and experienced OHS consultant to fully optimize your staffs’ remote office, boost productivity, and help protect your staff from injury and discomfort.

The primary aim for this service is to provide sound advice and, if needed, use items around the home to setup the workstation as best as possible without the need for additional office equipment and extra expenses.

  • Designed for staff members who are working from home
  • Offered in three tiers to suit your needs and budget
  • Low cost or no cost suggestions to optimise staffs remote office
  • Minimise workplace related injuries and meet OHS obligations
  • Performed by a qualified OHS professional who has worked in the field for 16 years

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Assessing your workplace for potential hazards to your employees and others is an absolute minimal safety requirement under the OHS Act 2004. In Victoria, over 40% of all workplace injuries are caused by over stressing the body. Many of these injuries could have been avoided. Regular risk assessments should be a cornerstone for any risk management plan. Following our onsite assessment, a detailed report of the findings found as a result of the risk assessment process will be compiled. Our experienced consultant will provide a list of recommendations and control strategies that may be used to assist with decisions on how to control those identified risks. Our overall aim is to reduce the potential for musculoskeletal injury and achieve a safer workplace setup. To achieve an accurate result, we believe collaboration with key persons is a non-negotiable. People who may be involved in the process may consist of: production managers, site managers, supervisors, team leaders, OH&S reps, employees etc.

What benefits can you achieve from our manual handling risk assessment?


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A task analysis reports detail the inherent physical requirements that are necessary for an employee to perform his/her job. It assesses the physical and cognitive demands of specific work function. This process involves breaking down a job into key tasks and provides detailed information into the physical requirements required by the worker to perform these tasks. We present this information in an easy to read document that can be used in many situations. The most common uses of this document are for pre-employment medical examinations andreturn to work planning. This is an extremely valuable tool to assist in the management of your valuable employees. The document includes:
  • A summary of the role including job description, work factors (rotation, shift times and working environment), essential job requirements and typical items/material handled as part of the role
  • A two-page summary of the physical demands required to perform the nominated role
  • A job breakdown detailing the inherent physical requirements of the key tasks within the nominated role;
  • An overall physical demand rating
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Hearing damage can occur from immediate loud noises or sustained exposure to noise sources.Conducting a noise assessment at your workplace will identify potentially hazardous noise sources, work areas, or job positions. Job Fit provides a two stage approach when measuring noise exposure. The first stage is the spot measurement which aims to identify noisy areas. The second stage is exposure testing which the process of collecting noise data over a typical shift. All results will be provided to you in a report including recommendations to control those risks identified.

What benefits can you achieve from our noise assessments?

  • Compliance with AS1269 and OHS Act 2004 obligations by providing essential noise assessments to ensure safe work practices

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If your staff members suffer from aches and pains or are having trouble focusing, then it might be time to book in for an ergonomic assessment with Job Fit. Simple changes made in and around a workspace can make huge differences in the way our bodies cope. These changes can help improve productivity and reduce or prevent pains that can be associated with general office duties. Due to the increasing number of workers sitting in front of a computer for longer periods of time, ergonomics is quickly becoming a key step in the prevention of repetitive strain injuries. If your staff are working remotely from home check out our Remote Ergonomic and Safety Inspections.

The method we use to assess a workers workstation involves:

  • Each ergonomic assessments takes 15-20 minutes
  • The ergonomic assessments are performed for a staff member while they are present
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Ensuring your employees are performing their tasks safely is vital in ensuring workplace injuries are kept to a bare minimum. Our safety training videos are filmed onsite using your personnel, your equipment, and your company’s logo to ensure the video is company specific. This will help to bring home the message of safety that your organisation is after. We will work with you to identify the key training points and ensure every safety aspect of the tasks being filmed is captured. We can also capture footage for manual handling videos that are specific to your products and workplace.

How can you use our customised training videos?

  • Job Specific Training provides clear, concise and consistent training that is specific to the tasks your employees perform every day. Whether its office safety and ergonomics, manual handling, housekeeping or hazard reporting. Whatever your need is we can capture it in a high quality company specific training video.
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Around one third of all workplace injuries in Australia occur during manual handling activities. Many of these injuries could have been avoided with good preventative interventions. Job specific training is one of those interventions. By providing your employees with the knowledge and skills to identify their potential hazards and know how to take appropriate measures to reduce the risk, you can prevent injuries and reduce monetary and productivity losses. Job Fit’s occupational health and safety professionals have extensive experience providing workplace training to educate and motivate people. In the ten years, since our doors opened, we have helped businesses reduce risk by customising training programs to suit the needs of each organisation. Our trainers are always enthusiastic and are knowledgeable in practical injury prevention techniques.We can provide individual evaluations to assess your employees on their comprehension and application of the instructional objectives.

What does the program involve?

Generally, we customise all our programs to suit the needs of our clients. This customisation can be in the form of theory based training and/or hands-on training in the working environment or in a training room.


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