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Welcome to Job Fit

Occupational Health and Safety Services in Melbourne

Job Fit is a leading provider of workplace health promotion and safety solutions within Victoria, Aus. We offer a range of services including: health and safety courses, office ergonomics, workplace warm up and stretching programs, wellness programs, health and safety risk assessments, task analysis, and noise assessments. 

Implementing Job Fit’s programs and services will help to ensure that your workplace is compliant with current regulations set out in the 2004 OH&S Act. Our skilled team of OH&S professionals are able to carry out detailed evaluations including workplace ergonomics, task assessments, risk assessments, and noise assessments in Melbourne.

After analyzing the information we gather we will compile extensive reports to provide our clients with the information they need to implement change. Our occupational health and safety training programs in Melbourne aim to not only teach people good manual handling practices but also promote workplace health and happiness. 

Our range of programs include: ergonomic workstation setup workshops, ‘Stretch Into Action’ (workplace stretching programs) and ‘Keep Well, Work Safe, Live Longer’ workshops, and a variety of manual handling training.  We also provide high quality client specific training videos. These videos include the client’s logo, equipment, uniforms and employees within the video to get a completely customized and job specific training video.

For workplace safety solutions that you can trust, choose Job Fit. You can speak to a member of our friendly team by calling 03 5977 0222 today.