Workplace Ergonomics Training & Assessments

If members of your staff (including yourself) suffer from aches and pains or are having trouble focusing, then it might be time to book in for an office ergonomic assessment. Simple changes made in and around the workplace can make huge differences in the way our bodies cope. These changes can help improve productivity and reduce or prevent pains that can be associated with general office duties. Appropriate office ergonomics contribute to general health and wellbeing, overall productivity and process improvement.


Job Fit offers ergonomics training to educate your staff on the correct workstation setup and the importance of office ergonomics.


What are the benefits of ergonomic assessments and training?

  • Educating your staff on the importance of a correct workstation setup and office ergonomics
  • Huge return on investment by reducing the potential for injury for staff who spend a substantial part of their day working who are office bound
  • Improved work efficiency where productivity has been reduced due to headaches, musculoskeletal complaints and fatigue
  • Minimise absenteeism resulting from injury



Job Fit offers the following ergonomics training and assessment programs:


Workplace Ergonomics and Safety Training

Those who spend a lot of their time sitting in front of a computer could be causing serious long term damage to their body. Correctly setting up your workstation is vital to ensure the risk of injury due to prolonged sitting positions and office work are minimised.


Our workplace Safety and Ergonomics Training Program is designed to teach your employees how to correctly setup their workstation to suit their needs. This gives them the skills and ability to adjust any workstation they work at to ensure they maintain good healthy posture. The topics covered in this informative program include:

  • The effects of working in the office
  • How to correctly setup the workstation
  • How to structure the day to minimise fatigue and improve productivity
  • Safe manual handling for the office worker
  • Injury prevention tips
  • Introduction of an office specific stretching program (this includes attendee participation of the exercises)


This program typically runs for 1.5 hours in group sizes of up to 20 people.


We can add further value to this training program by providing all participants with individual ergonomic assessments and a full analysis set out in a comprehensive report.


Call us on 03 5977 0222 for more information.


Ergonomic Assessments

This service is not only designed to correctly set workstations up for your staff but it is also designed to educate your staff on how to do it correctly for themselves. This gives them the skills and ability to correctly setup any workstation they work at. This service will suit any person who regularly works at a desk or with computers.


Simple changes made at and around a workstation can make huge differences in the way our bodies cope. A report will be developed for each assessment detailing the changes made during the consultation and further action that may be required.


Important information regarding this service:

  • Individual ergonomic assessments take approximately 15-20 minutes each
  • They are performed for the office staff member while they are present
  • Appropriate changes will be made during the consultation. Individual work demands will be taken into consideration
  • A detailed report will be developed for each staff member and sent to the HR department or appropriate person


If you’d like to know more about our ergonomics assessments and how it contributes to occupational health and safety, call 03 5977 0222.