Kennards Hire



Kennards Hire are proud to state their association with “Job Fit” and its managing director, Andrew Funke.


The work conducted by Job Fit has delivered very quickly and without fuss, detailed job assessments and reports. We are now using these to great effect in processes such as our pre-employment medical examinations, our on-the-job training as well as in return to work plans for injured workers.


With these reports I am now in a position to talk to treating practitioners about what an injured worker “can do” rather then simply what they can’t.


The manager at Job Fit, Andrew Funke, was very quickly accepted and trusted by my staff which made the process much simpler for me.


I have no hesitation in recommending Job Fit services to any business where manual handling is an issue or risk. It has worked for us. Money well spent.


– Neil Masterson (Kennards Hire: Victorian Manager)