At Hella, in our OH&S area, we have used the services of Andrew Funke from Job Fit to conduct the ‘Stretch Into Action’ program both in our production areas as well as our clerical areas. The strategies learnt in this program can assist employees in production areas to reduce overuse type injuries. Similarly our clerical areas can use these strategies and simple exercises to alleviate problems from sitting at their workstation for long periods of time.


We have also used the services of Job Fit in order to create “an album” of workplace assessments in our production areas. These are used to improve our work areas where this may be required. The workplace assessments are more commonly used in “return to work” plans where the treating doctor can see through a series of photographs, corresponding physical requirements or each task and the current controls used to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace.


I am happy to recommend Andrew Funke and the services extended through Job Fit as a way to enhance the management of OH&S in any workplace.


– Rita Housiaux (Hella: OH&S Manager)
HellaRita Housiaux