Manual Handling Risk Assessments


Assessing your workplace for potential hazards to your employees and others is an absolute minimal safety requirement under the OHS Act 2004. In Victoria, over 40% of all workplace injuries are caused by over stressing the body. Many of these injuries could have been avoided. Regular risk assessments should be a cornerstone for any risk management plan.


Following our onsite assessment, a detailed report of the findings found as a result of the risk assessment process will be compiled. Our experienced consultant will provide a list of recommendations and control strategies that may be used to assist with decisions on how to control those identified risks. Our overall aim is to reduce the potential for musculoskeletal injury and achieve a safer workplace setup.


To achieve an accurate result, we believe collaboration with key persons is a non-negotiable. People who may be involved in the process may consist of: production managers, site managers, supervisors, team leaders, OH&S reps, employees etc.


What benefits can you achieve from ourmanual handling risk assessment?

  • Compliance with legislation by providing essential risk assessments to ensure safe work practices
  • A thorough assessment conducted by an external safety professional
  • A detailed report on the outcomes including control strategies to encourage change and safety improvements
  • Reduce the potential for musculoskeletal injury and therefore claims costs including: LTI, RTW fees, premium increases, potential recruitment costs etc.
  • Provide a platform for improved workplace safety and job specific employee training (e.g. Manual handling training)


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