Find A Reason To Take A Break

Hard to Get a Break?, a recent study conducted by the Australia Institute, revealed that Australian workers are donating more than $1.1 billion in unpaid overtime to their workplace, and more than 3.8 million of them often skip lunch breaks. This has an obvious impact on employee health, with strong links to anxiety, sleeplessness, and a decline in their quality of life.

At Jobfit, we believe lunch breaks are essential for employee’s mental and physical health. Beyond Blue CEO Kate Carnell agrees, saying that, “Eating at your desk means you’re not getting the activity you need, you’re not getting up, you’re not getting circulation moving.”

We also feel it’s important to go even further and take smaller breaks throughout the day. Recent research shows that sitting for too long during the day can be a serious health risk, and office workers are the most likely to suffer from this problem.

Many workers feel guilty about taking this time out, or worry that their manager won’t like it. But regular breaks actually make healthier and more productive employees. Increasing physical activity gets your blood moving and increases your fitness. Taking time to get some fresh air makes you more alert and improves your focus when you return to work.

It’s also important to give yourself “fresh eyes” – literally and figuratively. If you’re looking at a screen all day, you need to rest your eyes for at least 15 minutes for every two hours of screen time. This prevents headaches and eyestrain. Also, the longer you spend looking at a piece of work, the more tired your mind gets and the harder it is for you to see mistakes. If you step away from the screen for a few minutes you’ll be refreshed and able to assess your work more clearly.

It’s best to try and do some kind of movement every half an hour, even if it’s just walking to the photocopier. If you’re not used to having regular breaks, however, it can be hard to remember to do it. Jobfit can help you install a regular break regime with our Stretch Into Action program. This program provides a range of warming-up exercises that can be performed throughout the day. This will keep the blood flowing and the muscles loose, with minimal interference with work flow. If you’re interested in trying this in your workplace, give us a call today!

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