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Occupational Health and Safety Programs

Job Fit offers a range of occupational health and safety programs that can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. As a business model, our aim is to help businesses reduce and prevent workplace related injuries. We have a range of programs for manual handling, office ergonomics and workplace stretching programs. We can even provide you with a customised high quality training DVD. Provide your valuable staff with quality and job specific workplace training today.

Occupational Health and Safety Assessments

At Job Fit we work with you to provide a range of detailed workplace assessments to help your organisation minimise risk. The services we provide range from: in-depth ergonomic assessments to analyse the setup of your office; task assessments to detail the physical requirements of a position; manual handling risk assessments to assess and mitigate risks in the workplace; and occupational noise assessments to assess and minimize noise exposure. Accurate and detailed OH&S documentation is a critical cornerstone for effective risk management.


Wellness programs promote healthier and happier attitudes amongst people and will deliver lasting benefits to individuals and the company. Studies show, healthy employees are great for business, they are more productive and take less sick leave than unhealthy employees. What business wouldn’t benefit from this?Our qualified trainers can work with you to implement effective workplace exercise and warmup programs to encourage a safe, healthy and active lifestyle


Jobfit celebrates 10 years

We opened our doors in April 2005. It was a very exciting time for us, we really wanted to work with businesses to help make their workplace safer and drive down premiums. In 2015, we are very proud to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Watch this space…

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Mission Statement

Assist our clients in achieving a safer workplace by providing a variety of proactive injury prevention services.

Our Vision

To become Australia's most preferred specialized injury prevention service provider.

Welcome to Job Fit

An Occupational Health and Safety Service Provider

Job Fit is a leading provider of workplace health and safety courses & services within Victoria. We offer a range of services including: back safety training, office ergonomics, workplace warm up programs, wellness programs, risk assessments, task analysis and noise assessments. Implementing Job Fit's programs and services will help to ensure that your workplace is compliant with current regulations set out in the 2004 OH&S Act.   Our skilled team of OH&S professionals are able to carry out detailed evaluations including...

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